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rpagadala February 2016

JMeter Ant Task doesn't works for Distributed Testing

When I tried to execute Distributed Testing using JMeter Ant Task,it's not running. I have configured remote_hosts in the jmeterproperties file. When I looked at eth Jmeter ant Task document it says runremote set to true, but I am not sure where do I need to specify that and what am I missing could you please advise!

Below are the build. xml and Test execution output screenshots.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here


vins February 2016

You need to include the "runremote" property for the Jmeter task in ANT as given below.

   <property name="request.threads" value="1"/>
   <property name="request.loop" value="10"/>

Currently you are passing this as a property to the JMeter test which is not right.

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