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jficker February 2016

How to call Sabre EnhancedSeatMapRQ soap web service from .NET?

I am able to invoke EnhancedSeatMapRQ in TSTS environment from SoapUI. When I use Visual Studio 2015 generated Soap proxies to make the same call, I am getting null deserialized Items section. I also get "Completed" (success) in ApplicationResults section. I can see with Fiddler that the call was actually successful and that problem is due to .Net deserialization.


Wisdoom February 2016

EnhancedSeatMapRQ v3.0 does not seem to deserialize correctly the response.

There's a WSDL created for v2.0 specifically for .NET, until the other WSDL is corrected you can use that one, here's the link:

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