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maximusdooku February 2016

How can I get the values of non-NAN elements in a Matrix?

I have a huge matrix for which I need the row, column and values of non-NAN elements.

This works when I have zero (instead of NAN) and non-zero elements:

[rwpRow, rwpCol, rwpVal] = find( zerotest )

But when I do this for NAN matrix, I get all 1 values.

[rwpRow, rwpCol, rwpVal] = find(~isnan(nantest))

How can I do this?


Daniel February 2016

The input to find is a logical array which is 1 for all non-nan elements. That 1 is what you get and find does not "see" the actual values. You have to split that up into separate calls:

[rwpRow, rwpCol] = find(select)

Random Guy February 2016

You can only get the rows and columns from the call to find since it finds the 1s in ~isnan(nantest). Get all the non NaN values in the matrix in another step:

[rwpRow, rwpCol] = find(~isnan(nantest));
vals = nantest(~isnan(nantest));

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