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Jason Wendel February 2016

Update WordPress JSON data via ajax

I am using the WP Rest API plugin and the ACF to REST API plugin along with Advanced Custom Fields. I have a repeater set up with 2 checkboxes and a text field. I am able to update the checkboxes in the database via a submit button but want to be able make the update via ajax, so when a user changes the checkbox, it is updated in the database. I feel like I am missing something basic for the change but nothing is happening. I'm not getting any errors, but the database is not updated. When I console.log data, I see everything there. This is my first go at ajax and I feel like I am really close!


<form id="todo-form">
 <div class="todos-list"></div>
  var post_id = '<?php echo the_ID(); ?>';


var ajaxURL = 'http://'+window.location.host+'/wp-json/wp/v2/client/'+post_id;
$.getJSON(ajaxURL, function(data) {
    var output = '<ul class="todo-list">;
    $.each(data.acf.todo_list, function(key, val){
        if(data.acf.todo_list[key].todo_checkbox == true)
            checked = 'checked';
        } else {
            checked = '';
        output += '<li>';
        output += '<input type="checkbox" class="todo-checkbox check" name="fields[todo_list]['+ key +'][todo_checkbox]" value="1" '+checked+' />';
        output += '<input type="checkbox" class="todo-checkbox hide" name="fields[todo_list]['+ key +'][todo_checkbox]" value="0" />';
        output += '<textarea name="fields[todo_list]['+ key +'][todo_item]">'+ data.acf.todo_list[key].todo_item +'</textarea>';
        output += '</li>';

    output += '</tbody></table>';

    var form = "#todo-form";
    $(form).change(function(event) {
        var formData = JSON.stringify(dat        


Roy Sivan February 2016

By default the WordPress REST API does not handle custom meta, you have to create a custom field and attach functions to save / get the data. Have you set that up?

If not check out the docs on extending

Jason Wendel February 2016

I was able to get it work by not using $.getJSON() and a little help from the plugin issues thread.

Updated code below:


<form id="todo-form">
    $repeater = get_field( 'todo_list' );
      if ( ! $repeater ) {
        $repeater = array(
                'todo_checkbox' => '',
                'todo_item'  => '',
    <?php foreach ( $repeater as $k => $v ) : ?>
      <?php $checked = $v['todo_checkbox']; ?>
        <input type="checkbox" class="todo-checkbox check" name="fields[todo_list][<?php echo absint( $k ); ?>][todo_checkbox]" value="1" <?php checked( $checked, true ); ?> />
        <input type="checkbox" class="todo-checkbox hide" name="fields[todo_list][<?php echo absint( $k ); ?>][todo_checkbox]" value="0"    <?php checked( $checked, false ); ?> />
        <p name="fields[todo_list][<?php echo absint( $k ); ?>][todo_item]" class="todo-item"><?php echo esc_attr( $v['todo_item'] ); ?></p>
   <?php endforeach; ?>         


var form = "#todo-form";
var wpajax = WP_API_Settings.root + 'wp/v2/client/'+post_id;
$(form).change(function(event) {
  var checkbox = $('.todo-checkbox');
  var formData = checkbox.serialize();
    url: wpajax,
    dataType : 'json',
    beforeSend: function ( xhr ) {
        xhr.setRequestHeader( 'X-WP-Nonce', WP_API_Settings.nonce );
   data: formData,
   success: function(){
  error: function(){
 return false;

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