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Tony Tannous February 2016

How to start a C project in VS 2015

I have Visual Studio 2015, and I was wondering if it supports C.

I press on "New Project" and the options are Visual C#, Visual C++, Visual Basic.

I was wondering if I could compile a C programm or do one in VS. Does it have a C compiler ?

I am lost.

Thanks in Advance.


Douglas DeTellem February 2016

Create a visual c++ project.

Just rename your source file from .cpp to .c

No special conversions required. Just type your valid c code and it will compile just fine.

Plasticcaz February 2016

You can either do as Douglas DeTellem has suggested (Simply start a C++ project, change the extension to ".c", and just use their C++ compiler (C++, is of course, a superset of C), or you can try downloading MinGW (http://www.mingw.org/) and installing the Windows version of gcc, which supports the old C standard.

If you really want an IDE, try looking at Codeblocks (http://www.codeblocks.org). If you pick the download with MinGW, it will include the C compiler, and help you.

I tend to prefer using a text editor (in my case, gVim) and using a command prompt to run gcc, or cl (the Visual Studio command line call to the compiler and linker) to compile my programs.

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