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codeMonger123 February 2016

Deploy an app to phone

I wanted to test a calculator program I built in vb.net on my phone. I wanted to see if mouse click was the same as a touchscreen. So with my calculator, I have the executable files from the build folder, but how do you get it on your phone? I know that sounds silly, any suggestions would be appreciated.


Sam Axe February 2016

Phones do not run desktop applications. For the most part the CPUs are different architectures (x86/Intel on desktop, and ARM on mobile devices), and the operating systems are not the same as well.

That said, you have some options.

  • Xamarin is a commercial (paid) development tool kit for cross architecture/OS development.
  • For Windows Phone only: there's the new UWP (Universal Windows Platform) that will net you develop apps to run on Windows Phone and Windows desktop.

As of this moment in time you can not deploy a Windows desktop Console App or WinForms app to a phone.

Jeroen February 2016

You can't run an application created with VB.NET on a phone running Android. If you like Visual Basic 6 there is a language called B4A (formerly known as Basic4Android). It is eerily similar to VB6 (although you will have to learn some phone specific things) and allows you to write Basic code and create it into an Android app. It has a fairly active community around it for such a niche product. You can find more info here: https://www.b4x.com/

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