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Miss Lucy February 2016

Google Fusion Table - Geocode... grayed out

I am following a tutorial on Lynda.com. I have imported exercise data from an Excel Spreadsheet into a Google Spreadsheet and now I'm trying to create a fusion table.

The spreadsheet contains only two columns (Gas Station Name and Address).

enter image description here

According to the tutorial, all addresses should be highlighted yellow, because they need to be Geocoded.

enter image description here

But when I follow the exact steps and go to File / Geocode... that option is grayed out.

enter image description here

I've noticed that the tutorial is a little dated and Google Drive has changed a bit but for the most part the functionality is still there. So, how to Geocode now with the latest version?


Miss Lucy February 2016

Using the "hint" I got from geocodezip I deleted everything and started from the beginning, looking for any posibility to change the "Address" column have the type "Location" and I found it. Here are the steps to follow for enabling Geocode from the very beginning:

Step 1) Create a new Google Spreadsheet:

New Google Sheet

Step 2) Import the Excel Spreadsheet.

File Import

Step 3) Upload the Excel Spreadsheet (if you haven't already).

Upload File

Step 4) Select Replace Spreadsheet to import.

Replace Spreadsheet

Step 5) Click the Import button.

Click Import

Now you have a new Google Spreadsheet with imported data.

Imported Spreadsheet

Step 6) Create a new Google Fusion Table.

enter image description here

Step 7) Selec

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