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user3075978 February 2016

Sort line items on invoice

In NetSuite, is there any way to sort the line items on an invoice that is about to be initialized from a sales order?

I was trying to do this via web services, but it seems I am stuck to the order that they were in on the sales order.

I tried setting the "itemList.item[x].line" property for each line item and I have tried sorting the "itemList.item" array, but nothing changes.

I understand I can't do this on an existing invoice, but I'm surprised I can't do it on a brand new invoice.


Lez Yeoh February 2016

If you wanted to do this, I would edit the existing sales order and place the items in the "correct" order that you want.

Then go to convert the SalesOrder to an Invoice. The order of line items on the Invoice will match that of the SalesOrder.

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