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Andrew_DX February 2016

How to select a range of two dates with Datepicker

I have two datepicker boxes:


Assume that the datepicker1 = 10/02/2016 and the datepicker2 = 15/02/2016.

How can I make a conditional statement that looks something like: "if the two dates are in the range between 01/01/2016 and 01/03/2016, do something..."? How can I set this range?

I need to do different calculations based on this range with the two dates picked up.

Thanks in Advance!


Shriya R February 2016

$(document).ready(function () {

        dateFormat: "dd-M-yy",
        minDate: 0,
        onSelect: function (date) {
            var date2 = $('#dt1').datepicker('getDate');
            date2.setDate(date2.getDate() + 1);
            $('#dt2').datepicker('setDate', date2);
            //sets minDate to dt1 date + 1
            $('#dt2').datepicker('option', 'minDate', date2);
        dateFormat: "dd-M-yy",
        onClose: function () {
            var dt1 = $('#dt1').datepicker('getDate');
            var dt2 = $('#dt2').datepicker('getDate');
            //check to prevent a user from entering a date below date of dt1
            if (dt2 <= dt1) {
                var minDate = $('#dt2').datepicker('option', 'minDate');
                $('#dt2').datepicker('setDate', minDate);

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