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user3314548 February 2016

Simple meteor template helper not rendering in blaze

I can't access my data from my template helper into my template. It's so strange because I have done it 100x. Here is a simple example. I am able to do it on other route/template combinations I have setup but for some reason not on this one.

My console is empty and that console.log('helper ran') never runs as far as I can tell

In my departmentBH1.html

<template name="departmentBH1">

In my departmentBH1.js

Template.departmentBH1.helpers = ({
  hospital: function() {
    console.log('helper ran');
    return 'test';

In my router.js

Router.route('/bh/departmentBH1', {
  name: 'departmentBH1'

which renders without the proper text from the helper

enter image description here


Nathaniel DSouza February 2016

Try This:

  hospital: function() {
    console.log('helper ran');
    return 'test';

Changed from helpers = ({ to helpers({

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