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NJP February 2016

Django static templatetag not displaying SVG

I'm trying to use django's static templatetag to display an SVG, but it doesn't seem to recognize the SVG as a valid image url. This is what I currently have:


import mimetypes
mimetypes.add_type("images/svg+xml", ".svg", True)


{% load staticfiles %}
<img src="{% static 'images/right-arrow.svg' %}" />

At least in my view.py, it recognizes the SVG mimetype:


  # returns ('images/svg+xml', None)

The SVG does display in a non-django page, and it will download the SVG if I try to open the SVG path in a new browser tab.

I'm currently using python 3.4 and django 1.8.4.


NJP February 2016

I found the issue. In settings.py, it should be mimetypes.add_type('image/svg+xml', '.svg', True). image should be singular.

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