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NumaNuma February 2016

How to COPY files of current directory to folder in Dockerfile

I'm trying to create a Dockerfile that copies all the files in the currently directory to a specific folder.

Currently I have

COPY . /this/folder

I'm unable to check the results of this command, as my container closes nearly immediately after I run it. Is there a better way to test if the command is working?


BMW February 2016

you can start a container and check.

$ docker run -ti --rm <DOCKER_IMAGE> sh
$ ls -l /this/folder

If your docker image has ENTRYPOINT setting, then run below command:

$ docker run -ti --rm --entrypoint sh <DOCKER_IMAGE>
$ ls -l /this/folder

Ramachandra Reddy February 2016

If it is only for testing, include the below command in your docker file RUN cd /this/folder && ls This will list the directory contents while docker build

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