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Alex February 2016

How to reliably discover Marathon URL

Since webui_url entry in Mesos state JSON is optional, one can try the luck with hostname (which is also optional).

However, if both of the above entries are missing from Mesos state, is there any other way to reliably discover where Marathon API server is listening?

Furthermore, if a Marathon instance is migrated to another location, Mesos webui_url seems to retain the old, stale value. This looks like a bug? Is there any workaround?


Tobi February 2016

As far as I know you should be able to use the Mesos UI ("Frameworks" -> "Active Frameworks") to find the marathon framework.

If the hostname resolution of the host Marathon is running on works correctly, you should be able to click on the link of the "host" column and be redirected to the Marathon UI.


--hostname (Optional. Default: hostname of machine): The advertised hostname that is used for the communication with the mesos master. The value is also stored in the persistent store so another standby host can redirect to the elected leader. Note: Default is determined by InetAddress.getLocalHost.

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