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Subrat February 2016

In which location I need to do build for PhoneWindowManager.java changes in Android M

I am modifying the PhoneWindowManager.java for customizing the Navigation Bar in Android 6.0 for AOSP code. My Path to java file:


The Android.mk is available in /frameworks/base/services/core and frameworks/base/services also.

So here is my query: Should I need to do build in : mmm frameworks/base/services -B or where ? Am I doing any mistake? please confirm. Any suggestion is appreciated.


rupesh jain February 2016

You need to build mmm frameworks/base/services.The Android.mk has something like this and /core is built as part of this:

13        core/java/com/android/server/EventLogTags.logtags
15# Uncomment to enable output of certain warnings (deprecated, unchecked)
18# Services that will be built as part of services.jar
19# These should map to directory names relative to this
20# Android.mk.
21services := \
22    core \
23    accessibility \
24    appwidget \
25    backup \
26    devicepolicy \
27    midi \
28    net \
29    print \
30    restrictions \
31    usage \
32    usb \
33    voiceinteraction

Are you seeing any issue when you build at this location.

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